Pump & Spray Bloods

Two unique products for pumping, spraying, fx tubing and generally making a mess!

Available in three / four colours
Bright ~ An intense vermillion for lo-light settings & dark surfaces
Classic ~ A rich orange-red for general use
Dark ~ a deeper crimson for general use and for extra wound depth
Dried ~ a deep red-brown for older wounds

Slash & Spray Blood

No other blood flows as fast through tricky FX rigs. With strong colour pay-off, it wets out fabric in an instant!  Does not contain sugar syrup. Will not thicken or block tubing or spray nozzles. ...

From $20.55

Spray & Stay Blood

Perfect for art department dressing. Spray & Stay, will run - THEN SET. Drips stay in place and become rub-proof when fully dry. Finished the shot? Spray & Stay washes off...

From $23.10