Fluid Bloods

THE quintessential fluid blood range, each with a different flow speed, texture and drying time.  

Three colours
Bright ~ An intense vermillion for lo-light settings & blood from the lungs
Classic ~ A rich orange-red for general use
Dark ~ A deeper crimson for general use and for extra wound depth
Dried ~ A deep red-brown for older wounds

Fast-Flo Blood

A rapid flowing blood that spreads & smears on skin and wets out fabric quickly.  Dries slowly.   Available in four colours  

From $19.85

Mid-Flo Blood

If you only stock one blood, this is it!  Flows and spreads like real blood. Dries in minutes.   Available in four colours     

From $19.85

Slow-Flo Blood

A thicker texture that resists flow and dries like congealing blood.   Available in four colours     

From $19.85